MajorsSchool of Human Health Sciences

School of Human Health Sciences has our departments, each of which provides school education with specialty and through collaboration.

Course of Advanced Nursing Sciences


Nursing is defined as “assistance to individuals or groups in all conditions concerning the maintenance, promotion, and recovery of good health” (1964. Japanese Nursing Association). It suggests that the subject of nursing care is not limited to individuals but also covers their families and communities, and the level of health to be handled is diverse.

Course of Advanced Rehabilitation Sciences

Course of Multidisciplinary Medical Sciences


At the Department of Laboratory Science, we strive to foster clinical technologists with a broad education, deep knowledge as medical specialists, and the latest skills to work effectively in the light of the recent rapid progress in the medical science and medical technologies in the fields of molecular and cellular biology, gene therapy, transplantation therapy, and regenerative medicine.

This department provides three courses, namely the “Basic Biomedical Pathology Data Analysis”, “Clinical Biomedical Pathology Data Analysis”, and “Information Technology and Medical Engineering” courses. We foster medical specialists with a wide range of knowledge and skills covering various life science fields, such as basic medical sciences, clinical medicine, genetic engineering, diagnostic imaging, and informatics, who can work internationally as effective researchers and educators.