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About Research Networking Salon

The “Research Networking Salon” was launched in 2020 as one of the key initiatives of the Kyoto University Graduate Program for Medical Innovation. From 2023, we will host the Salon to promote information exchange and collaborative research in medical and pharmaceutical-related fields. With expanded co-sponsorship from other graduate schools, faculties, and institutions, we can make the Salon an even more encouraging and productive conference with interdisciplinary posters and cutting-edge oral sessions for researchers at Kyoto University.
        • The 3rd Research Networking Salon

          • →This event has ended. We would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude to all of you for your help and support in making the salon a success. We look forward to your participation in the next salon and beyond.
          •  ・Check out the poster award winners here!
          •  ・Check out the list of department-recommended oral presenters here!
          • 2023/9/27(Wed)~2023/9/29(Fri)
            Poster: 17:00-19:00
            Oral: 19:00-20:00
          • Venue
          • Med-Pharm Collaboration Building
            Oral: Fujita Commemorative Lecture Hall (hybrid)
            Poster: Piloti-Hall & Outreach Area
            • Abstract Submission 【closed】
          • Presentation Information

          Poster session
          (odd number)

           Poster session
          (even number)
          • 80 presentations each day (240 presentations in total over 3 days). Please post poster by 17:00.
          • Two sessions: 17:00 to 18:00 (odd numbers) and 18:00 to 19:00 (even numbers).
          • Onsite only.
          • English is recommended for posters and presentations.
          • Presentations can cover research, lab introductions, or technology PR.
          • Only participants from Kyoto University and Kitano Hospital will attend, and no confidentiality agreements are needed. Posting salon sessions on SNS is strictly prohibited.
          • Please freely enter and exit the poster session.
          • Light refreshments will be provided.
          • Poster awards (3 abstracts per day, with extra prizes) will be given as selected by a panel of judges nominated by the university.
            Please attend the award ceremony (Fujita Hall) on September 29 at 20:00 p.m.
             19:00~20:00  Oral session
                • Each presentation will be 15 minutes, including the Q&A session. On the 27th, there will be an opening address by the Dean of the Graduate School of Medicine before the oral session, so the session will start 5 minutes later.
                • English is recommended for slides and presentations. 
                • The presentations will be streamed via Zoom for online attendees (archived for later viewing)

          • Past salons

             Date  Title  Reports
             2020/1/28~31  The 1st Salon
             2021/4/19~21     The 2nd Salon  Report, Award


            Graduate School of Medicine
            Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
            Graduate School of Biostudies
            Kitano Hospital
            Graduate Program for Medical Innovation