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Admission to Graduate Programs

The details of the entrance examination described in the admission guidelines to Doctoral program in Medicine and Doctoral Program in Public Health for 2024 intake will be changed.

Please follow the link provided below.

Medicine, Medical Science, Genomic Medicine, and Public Health

1. Before you apply

Those who have graduated or expect to graduate from a university in a country other than Japan must follow the procedures prescribed below prior to the application for the entrance examination to the graduate programs in Medicine, Kyoto-McGill International Collaborative Program in Genomic Medicine, Medical Science, and Public Health, offered by Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University.

  1. Consult with Kyoto University Admissions Assistance Office (AAO)
    If you have graduated or expect to graduate from a university or a graduate school in a country other than Japan, consult with Kyoto University Admissions Assistance Office (AAO) and upload applicants’ information and required documents.
    【No later than approx. three months before the application deadline for the entrance examination】

  2. Receive feedback from AAO

    If the feedback from the AAO is positive, proceed to the procedure 3 and contact a prospective supervisor.

  3. Contact a professor of Research Fields (laboratory) you are interested in and obtain the approval of applying in advance.

  4. Request Preliminary Eligibility Check via Email

    Fill in and submit
    Preliminary Eligibility Check Sheet via email, together with the PDF of
    ② Certificate of graduation of university/graduate school,
    ③ Academic transcript, and
    ④ Document that shows the length of the program you completed (e.g. four years doctoral program; website URL is acceptable ).
    Send to: kyoumu-in(*) (Change * to @)
    Email title: Preliminary Eligibility Check request (Name: 〇〇〇〇)
    Items to be included:

    1. Your name
    2. Preferred entrance year and month: April, 20XX

    The application period for Preliminary Eligibility Check for Entrance Examination (2024 intake) is as follows;
    A. Master’s Program in Medical Sciences and B. Professional Degree Program in Public Health: April 14, 2023 to June 7, 2023
    C. Doctoral Program in Medicine and D. Kyoto-McGill International Collaborative Program in Genomic Medicine (Doctoral Program) and E. Doctoral Program in Public Health: June 15, 2023 to August 2, 2023
    F. Doctoral Program in Medical Science: TBD

    We will send you the check result via email, approx. 2 or 3 weeks after the request.

・Scholarship Opportunity:
The application for scholarship programs is handled independently from the application for the admission to our graduate program.
Refer to the following page for information on scholarship application.

2. Outlined Schedule for Admission

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-Master’s Program in Medical Science
-Professional Degree Program in Public Health
-Doctoral Programs in Medicine
-Doctoral Program in Public Health
-Kyoto-McGill International Collaborative Program in Genomic Medicine (Joint Ph.D.)
-Doctoral Programs in Medical Science*
Admission Guideline (English version) available from : May July October
Preliminary Eligibility Check request accepted from: May July October
Deadline for Preliminary Eligibility Check and Eligibility Screening: mid June early August November
Application Period: mid July mid September January
Admission Examination: late August early November February
Admission Decisions: mid September late November February
Enrollment Procedure Notification: early March
Enrollment April 1
  • For detailed schedule, refer to each Admission Guideline.

  • Doctoral Programs in Medical Science is a continuous program of our Master’s Program in Medical Science, therefore there are very few vacancies for those who will transfer from other graduate schools.

3. Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Applicants are recommended to confirm “Frequently Asked Questions and Answers” before they start their application procedures.

4. Admission Guidelines and Application Forms

Admission Guidelines and Application Forms

5. Past Written Exams

Refer to the Japanese page.

Research Student/Research Fellow  (Non-Degree Programs)


Human Health Science

Announcement of Application Results

Refer to the Japanese page.