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About this department

Physical therapy is a field in medical rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is an activity to support people with disabilities to lead a fulfilling life despite their disabilities by exploring every possibility from medical, educational, social, and occupational perspectives. Based on this principle, medical rehabilitation is carried out as a holistic medical care through a team approach by various medical care providers, such as doctors, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, social workers, clinical technologists, and clinical psychologists.
Among their efforts, physical therapy is provided as an effective therapy to support people with physical disabilities to be able to carry out daily life activities and walk. Physical therapists use their expertise and work with doctors to provide therapeutic exercises, ADL training, and other programs.
Physical therapists work in various fields to support people of all ages with disabilities at various places, such as hospitals, rehabilitation centers, rehabilitation facilities for children, rehabilitation facilities for the elderly, home care support centers, and sports facilities. They are expected to extend their activities to wider fields, such as medical device development, welfare, and service at research facilities. The role of physical therapists is expected to grow further in the future.


The major characteristic of the Department of Physical Therapy is the environment which allows the students to receive the clinical education with an opportunity to personally experience the latest medical care practiced at Kyoto University Hospital. Additionally, one of the educational goals of the Department of Physical Therapy is to foster physical therapists, who can make decisions in accordance with evidence based medicine (EBM). For this purpose, we foster a scientific mindset through the basic education subjects, seminars, and graduation research and foster practical problem-solving skills through clinical education. We hope to produce graduates, who will contribute to the development of physical therapy as an academic field.


The graduates and potential graduates of this department will be eligible to take the national physical therapist examination. By passing the national examination, you can acquire the physical therapist license.


While the number of training institutions for physical therapists has increased rapidly these days, the demand for physical therapists who have received advanced professional education at universities is expected to grow for highly advanced medical care requiring expertise.

Rehabilitation centers, national and public hospitals, private hospitals, health care facilities for the elderly, institutes for physically handicapped children, outpatient rehabilitation facilities, graduate schools (continuing one’s education), government offices, educational institutions, research institutions, etc.

Practice to measure motor ability
Analysis of an exercise using an apparatus


Exercise capacity measurement practice

Exercise analysis using equipment