[Scholarship]橋谷奨学財団2023年度奨学生の推薦について Hashiya Scholarship Foundation 2023


If you wish to apply, please read the application guideline well and email us the following information as pre-application by December 15, 2022.
1. your name, 2. student ID number (or exam number for a student who will be enrolled in 2023) and 3. other scholarship information that you receiving/applying for.

The recommendation of the university is one slot.  However, due to the method of recommendation at Kyoto University, we may not be able to get the recommendation slot if there is applying from a high-ranking graduate school. Currently, Medicine is Seventh in the ranking.
*If there are multiple applicants at the Graduate School of Medicine will be screened to decide the nominee.

【申請期限 Deadline】
1)  事前申請期限: 2022年12月15日(木)17:00 まで
Pre-application deadline:  by 17:00, Thu, December 15, 2022

2)  京都大学から推薦が決定した場合
The application materials submission is only if a medical student gets the slot to apply.
書類提出期限: 2023年1月12日(木)17:00 まで
Deadline for application documents:  by 17:00, Thu, January 12, 2023

【募集概要 Application Outline】 *Please check the guideline for further eligibility and conditions

1. 対象者:インドネシア共和国籍の私費留学生(大学院生・研究生)
Eligible candidates: A student who enrolled( or will be enrolled) in a degree-seeking program at the Graduate School of Medicine, or a research student, and has Indonesian nationality.
国籍/Nationality: インドネシア/ Indonesian

2. 奨学期間: 2023年4月より在学する課程の正規の修了年限まで
Duration of Stipend: From April 2023 to a standard program length

3.奨学金月額: 10万円

Monthly stipend: 100,000 yen

 4.人数: 1名を医学研究科より推薦
Number of recommended by Graduate School of Medicine: 1

5. 申請書類 Application materials:
As indicated in the guideline, and also for the university recommendation Declaration of Understanding and Agreement.


・ Must submit the “Declaration of Understanding and Agreement” along with the application materials.
・ The form of application and recommendation must use the original hard copy sent by the Foundation (copying is not accepted).
・The recommendation form must be written by supervising professor.
・ Please make the documents refer to the related file 04 “Details related to application, etc.”, and also, forward it to the professor when you ask to make the recommendation.
・Application documents and interviews must be in Japanese.
・ Students who received some grant and or from KU GSESOP or Research fellow of MIP or JASSO are not available to apply.

【参考】 奨学金受給申請書(橋谷)

【参考】 推薦書(橋谷)

提出先: Place of submission
Office of Student Affairs, Graduate School of Medicine (Kyoumu) 1st floor, Building C
医学研究科教務課(C棟1F) E-mail: kyoumu-in@mail2.adm.kyoto-u.ac.jp

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