[Scholarship] [by 26/1/2024]2024年度大学推薦による国費外国人留学生(研究留学生〔一般枠〕)の募集について


Those who wish to apply need to submit application materials through your prospective laboratory to the Office of Student Affairs of the Graduate School of Medicine by Thursday, January 26, 2024.

Eligible applicants (outline): Those who are international students and will newly enroll as a graduate level student of Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University as of October 1, 2024 AND have excellent academic record which are equivalent to 2.30 or more than 2.30 GPA out of 3.00 in the previous degree program and meet the language requirement of Japanese or English. Therefore they are supposed to enroll as Research Student.

・Number of Candidate from the Graduate School of Medicine: One student from designated countries

(3)本学の推薦枠 3名(学内選考による)
Number of Candidates from the whole Kyoto University: Three

Duration of Stipend: From October 2024 to March 2026

Travel Expenses: Covered

Admission Fee and Tuition Fee: Waived

(7)奨学金月額:研究生等(非正規生) 月額143,000円
Monthly Stipend: 143,000 yen for graduate level research students

For details on eligibility etc., refer to the Application Guidelines (for students).


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  3. [Scholarship] [by 26/1/2024]2024年度大学推薦による国費外国人留学生(研究留学生〔一般枠〕)の募集について