ASHBi Mathematical Medicine Summer Camp 2023 /

ASHBi Mathematical Medicine Summer Camp 2023を2023年7月27日–28日に開催します。

The ASHBi Mathematical Medicine Summer Camp 2023 will be held on July 27-28, 2023.
Life phenomena are dynamics in which various factors are intricately intertwined at the molecular, cellular, and individual levels, and in which various mathematics, such as reaction-diffusion, stochastic processes, and graph theory, are relevant. Mathematical understanding of how our bodies are formed and how diseases such as tumors progress will not only lead to a better understanding of life phenomena but also has the potential to create new therapeutic tools. In this program, we will introduce to the future leaders of medical research the mathematical methods useful for describing life phenomena and their applications from the basic level and provide them with a new approach to medical and life sciences.


  • 2023/7/27~2023/7/28


京都大学・基礎医学記念講堂にて開催 <<< 本セミナーはオンサイト開催のみです
Kyoto University, Memorial Auditorium <<< Onsite Only!


List of Speakers:
1. Philip Maini (University of Oxford)
“Using mathematical modelling to provide insight into biology and medicine”
2. 三浦 岳 (九州大学) / Takashi Miura (Kyushu University)
“骨格構造形成の数理モデリング” / "Mathematical modeling of skeletal pattern formation"
3. 小林 徹也 (東京大学) / Tetuya J. Kobayashi (The University of Tokyo)
“生命現象への離散幾何学の応用” / "Discrete geometry and its applications to biology"



登録フォーム/Registration form:
(登録締切/Registration deadline: 2023年7月14日 [金] / Friday, 14 July, 2023)

Travel Fellowship
本サマーキャンプでは、最大10名にトラベルフェローシップ(旅費支援)を提供予定です。7月26日ー28日(2泊3日)の宿泊(京都大学・芝蘭会館別館)と交通費(実費または上限4万円まで)の支援を行います。 上記Registrationにて応募が可能です。
(応募締切:6月16日 [金])

Travel Fellowships will be offered to up to 10 participants for the summer camp, covering accommodation (at Shirankaikan Annex, Kyoto University) and transportation (actual or up to 40,000 yen) from July 26 to 28 (for 2 nights). You can apply at the above registration.
(Deadline: Friday, 16 June)


無料 / Free


数理生命医学グループ / BiMed-Math Group
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