2023/9/4 ASHBi SignAC Technology Seminar – Luxendo GmbH Seminar / /

We will have an ASHBi SignAC Technology Seminar on 4 September by Luxendo GmbH.
Please see the following details and kindly attend the seminar if you are interested.

Luxendo社より講師をお招きし、2023年9月4日にASHBi SignAC Technology Seminarを開催いたします。


  • 2023/9/4



[Hybrid] Conference Room (B1F, Faculty of Medicine Bldg. B) 医学部B棟地下大会議室 / Zoom Online Meeting


◆ASHBi SignAC Technology Seminar -Luxendo GmbH Seminar-◆
Title: Imaging Dynamic Processes Across Scales with Luxendo Light-Sheet Microscopes
Lecturer: Dr. Malte Wachsmuth (Luxendo GmbH)
Eligibility: Researchers and students
Language: English
Content: Luxendo, which was established as a spin-off from EMBL (European Molecular Biology Laboratory), develops and manufactures advanced light-sheet microscopy. In this seminar, Dr. Wachsmuth will introduce the product lineups with a focus on MuVi-SPIM, a multi-view light-sheet microscope which enables 360° acquisition of specimens with two illumination objectives and two detection objectives. MuVi-SPIM LS has a significantly faster imaging speed and robust environmental control, compared to conventional multi-view microscopes and thus is ideal for long-term live-imaging of various 3D samples.

◆Follow-up On-site Demonstration◆
Date: Tuesday, 5 September 2023 – Friday, 29 September 2023
Venue: Room 304, Faculty of Medicine Bldg.B
Instructor: TBA
Language: English/Japanese
Eligibility: Academic researchers and students who have registered for the seminar on Monday, September 4 and would like to attend.
※Pre-registered participants only: When registering for the seminar, please check the "Attend Demonstration" box on the registration form. Those who wish to attend will be contacted separately.



https://forms.gle/vHV DumAhkeM 1Z7
(Deadline: Friday, 1 September 2023)


Free / 無料


Takafumi Ichikawa(ASHBi, Kyoto University)
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