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Kyoto University provides the following university-wide consultation services for every student.

Disability Resource Center The Kyoto University Disability Resource Center provides assistance to students who are experiencing difficulty with their studies due to disabilities, etc. If you are experiencing problems with your studies or with daily life due to visual, hearing, physical, or developmental impairments/disorders, chronic internal ailments, or temporary injuries, or if you are seeking career advice, please do not hesitate to visit us here at the Disability Resource Center.
Counseling Office The Counseling Office provides confidential counseling services for students (and faculty and staff concerned in students) on a wide range of matters relating to study or personal problems, and for students, faculty and staff about harassment mainly in Japanese. If you are a student from foreign countries who cannot speak Japanese, please consult to the Advising for International Students/Researchers.
Career Support Office The Kyoto University Career Support Office organizes a variety of career development programs and services to assist all undergraduate & graduate students, as well as postdoctoral researchers at Kyoto University to prepare for their job hunt. In order to meet the career aspirations and desires of each student and researcher, the Kyoto University Career Support Office runs many programs such as career-building workshops, job preparation sessions, career fairs, mock-SPI examinations, and individual career counseling (at present, all of the programs – with the exception of career counseling – are available in Japanese only ).
Advising for International Students/Researchers International Student Advising Room offers advising services to international students and researchers who have concerns about their academic studies or living in Japan.

Other information on campus life and university-wide services is available at the following website.
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(Posted on September 13, 2017)