Kyoto-McGill International Collaborative Program in Genomic MedicineKyoto-McGill International Collaborative Program in Genomic Medicine

Associate Professor Shuji Kawaguchi

Kyoto University and McGill University, which have the world’s leading achievements in the
research of genomic analysis, implement the joint Ph.D. degree program in close
collaboration (Kyoto-McGill International Collaborative Program in Genomic Medicine.)
Thus, the program aims to promote high-quality education and research, which mutually
supplement the characteristics of both universities and which cannot be realized at a single
university, and to foster human resources who can contribute to the future development of
preventive medicine.
In this program, students study the so-called bio big data, the observational data of the
various molecules in vivo, such as genomes, and aim to acquire the experience and skills
of highly specialized techniques of analyzing concerning research in human biology.
However, we also aim for something else; our basic philosophy is to foster leaders with
broad and profound knowledge of medicine who also understand medical treatment and
research from a global viewpoint. Therefore, as an admission policy, we require those who
have not only the ability in genomic analysis but also a great interest in molecular biology
and medical sciences, the creativity, the ability to judge and analyze profoundly, and the
morality, or those whom we can expect to have those qualities. Thus, we aim to foster
human resources who can lead the development of medicine as excellent researchers in
genomic medicine with a strong orientation toward research.

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