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Professor Yusuke Inoue

We conduct research and educational activities concerning ethics and institutions under various themes, such as healthcare, research and development, and public health. We welcome individuals passionate about delving deeper into themes such as decision-making in healthcare, exploration of the body and life, and the direction of policies, as well as those who want to capture societal movements and shape them to develop a better society.

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Research and Education

We primarily adopt an interdisciplinary approach based on methods from the humanities and social sciences to empirically grasp issues and perceptions.

a. Ethics of medical science and advanced medical care
b. Ethics of public health and epidemiology
c. Ethics surrounding the storage and utilization of medical and health data, human tissues, and specimens
d. Development of medical ethics and regulations

In the coursework, we are responsible for core subjects (“Basic Medical Ethics”), specialized lectures, relay lectures, and lectures open to all students of Kyoto University. We are not only focused on nurturing those who aspire to research ethics but also on providing introductory education for students and healthcare and medical science researchers. Additionally, we are engaged in training and industry-academia collaborations in research ethics education.

We have been involved in planning and writing educational materials related to the ethics of healthcare and research (e.g., “Ethics of Medical Research and Clinical Trials: Learning from Case Studies in Japan,” published by Nihon Hyoronsha).

We researched the increase and changes in punitive sentiments regarding the deviation of individuals testing positive for COVID-19 during the pandemic (J Epidemiol 31(7) 453-455 2021).

Recent Publications

  1. Inoue Y, Masui T, Harada K, Hong H, Kokado M. Restrictions on monetary payments for human biological substances in Japan: The mu-shou principle and its ethical implications for stem cell research. Regen Ther 23 1-7 2023.
  2. Inoue Y, Okita T. Coronavirus disease and the shared emotion of blaming others: Reviewing media opinion polls during the pandemic. J Epidemiol 31(7) 453-455 2021.
  3. Inoue Y, Shineha R, Yashiro Y. Current public support for Human-Animal Chimera research in Japan is limited, despite high levels of scientific approval. Cell Stem Cell 19(2) 152-153 2016.
  4. Inoue Y, Muto K. Noncompliance with human subjects’ protection requirements as a reason for retracting papers: survey of retraction notices on medical papers published from 1981 to 2011. Account Res 23(2) 123-135 2016.
  5. Forsberg J.S., Inoue Y. Beware Side Effects of Research Ethics Revision. Science 341(6152) 1341-1342 2013.


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