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M.D., Ph.D. Professor Yuji Nakamoto

Department of Diagnostic Imaging and Nuclear Medicine has committed to teaching diagnostic radiology and nuclear medicine and providing medical services for patients with various disorders using various imaging modalities, such as CT, MRI, Ultrasound and Positron Emission Tomography. Interventional Radiology is also conducted for minimally-invasive therapy as well as diagnosis. Imaging plays an indispensable role in current medical practice. Our department is leading it by bringing imaging excellence into various departments in our institute and into the community with the latest achievements in biomedical imaging.

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Research and Education

Our research interests are (i) physical and mathematical investigations for the development of the effective use of imaging modalities, (ii) establishment of new imaging methods and technologies for diagnosis and image-assisted minimally-invasive therapy, and (iii) fundamental medical research using biomedical and pathological methods related to imaging. Although our primary focus is on clinical problems, we also conduct experimental studies, such as molecular imaging that helps understand hypoxia and other cancer-related conditions and develop novel contrast material. Our research covers various fields and modalities, and we collaborate with various basic sciences, engineering, and medical information departments. In education, we serve not only residents who will be a radiologist but also those who will not. An optional course for two months is provided to intensively study diagnostic imaging, which is required in all medical fields. We also offer four-year programs to be a professional radiologist who will practice in at least two institutions to learn a variety of diagnostic examinations covering the whole body.

Recent Publications

  1. Tagawa H, Fushimi Y, Funaki T, Nakajima S, Sakata A, Okuchi S, Hinoda T,Grinstead J, Ahn S, Hidaka Y, Yoshida K, Miyamoto S, Nakamoto Y. Vessel wall MRI in moyamoya disease: arterial wall enhancement varies depending on age,arteries, and disease progression. Eur Radiol. 2024 Apr;34(4):2183-2194. doi:0.1007/s00330-023-10251-9. Epub 2023 Oct 5. PMID: 37798407.
  2. Kido A, Himoto Y, Kurata Y, Minamiguchi S, Nakamoto Y. Preoperative Imaging Evaluation of Endometrial Cancer in FIGO 2023. J Magn Reson Imaging. 2023 Dec26. doi: 10.1002/jmri.29161. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 38146775.
  3. Matsumoto YK, Himoto Y, Nishio M, Kikkawa N, Otani S, Ito K, Yamanoi K, Kato T,Fujimoto K, Kurata Y, Moribata Y, Yoshida H, Minamiguchi S, Mandai M, Kido A,Nakamoto Y, Nodal infiltration in endometrial cancer: a prediction model using best subset regression, European Radiology, 2023 Oct 26. Online ahead of print.
  4. Ohashi A, Kataoka M, Iima M, Honda M, Ota R, Urushibata Y, Dominik Nickel M, Toi M,Zackrisson S, Nakamoto Y: A multiparametric approach to predict triple-negative breast cancer including parameters derived from ultrafast dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI. Eur Radiol 2023, 33(11):8132-8141.
  5. Fushimi Y, Yoshida K, Okawa M, Maki T, Nakajima S, Sakata A, Okuchi S, HinodaT, Kanagaki M, Nakamoto Y. Vessel wall MR imaging in neuroradiology. Radiol Med.2022 Sep;127(9):1032-1045. doi: 10.1007/s11547-022-01528-y. Epub 2022 Jul 30.PMID: 35907157; PMCID: PMC9362557.


Professor: Yuji Nakamoto
Associate Professor: Yasutaka Fushimi
Senior Lecturer: Masako Kataoka, Koya Nakatani
Assistant Professor: Tsuyoshi Ono, Hironori Shimizu, Satoshi Nakajima, Sho Koyasu, Yuki Himoto, Akihiko Sakata, Yasuhisa Kurata, Yasuyuki Onishi
Program-Specific Assistant Professor: Takayuki Yamamoto


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