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RN, PHN, Ph.D. Associate Professor Misa Shiomi

In the department of Innovative Public Health Nursing, we study and research all levels of preventive/public health nurse activities for healthy life and well-being of community-dwelling people. Our department treats the issues of diverse, creative, and dynamic nursing that consider those who need support not only for obvious health problems but also for potential and anticipated health problems in the community. We aim to develop the community health nursing by developing practical theories and innovatively improving the practice of public health nurses through research and elucidation of good practice of public health nurses.

Research and Education

In undergraduate education, the Advanced Nursing Science course teaches students the basic concept of the community health nursing that focuses on issues of local communities and administrative systems issues behind individuals. Furthermore, the Public Health Nursing course teaches students more practical knowledge and skills that allow them to think and act flexibly in a changing society.

In graduate school, students can acquire research and application skills that contribute to the improvement of public health nurses’ practices. The course aims to contribute to the development of the community health nursing through the development of specialists who possess practical skills and leadership with advanced specialized knowledge and scientists who can promote interdisciplinary and innovative research.

The research themes are as follows:

  • Modeling of community assessment of public health nurses and development of educational materials and programs
  • Research on child-rearing environments that promote the development of socio-emotional skills (non-cognitive competence) in children
  • Research on the use of web-user log data as administrative policy indicators


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Associate Professor: Misa Shiomi (mail: {shiomi.misa.7w} [at]
Senior Lecturer: Rikuya Hosokawa (mail: {hosokawa.rikuya.4r} [at]
Assistant Professor: Kazuya Taira (mail: {taira.kazuya.5m} [at]

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