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Ph.D., RN, Associate Professor Chieko Akuzawa

In the Division of Pediatric Nursing, we explore how to support children from newborn to adolescence and young adulthood and their families at various levels of health regardless of presence or level of health problems or disorders, so that they can grow and develop as an individual child. Children are to continuously grow and develop through interaction with their environment. Nursing is now required in every environment where children return to their communities and live there after receiving advanced medical care. Our goal is to develop human resources who can contribute to the diverse fields of health, medical care, welfare, and education by improving the environments of local communities, homes, and institutions where children live.

Research and Education

In undergraduate education, students are expected to understand the characteristics of children’s growth and development at each developmental stage, understand the living environment of children with illnesses and disabilities and their families, and think about how to provide support to protect the children’s rights through exercises and practical training. In the integrated practical training and graduation research, a variety of fields are arranged so that students can freely practice and research in fields that meet their individual interests.
Our graduate education aims to improve the quality of life of children and their families in all settings from hospitalization to community life, based on the knowledge and theories related to pediatric nursing. We explore the ways to provide long-term and community-based support for children and their families, regardless of the presence of disease or disability, while taking into account the developmental process of the child and family. We also aim to explore the support needed to support not only hospitalized children, but also children living in the community and at home and their families.


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Associate Professor:Chieko Akuzawa RN. , PhD.
Assistant Professor:Kanako Kiyokawa RN. , MSN
e-mail:akuzawa.chieko.3d atmark

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