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Associate professor Hidemasa Matsuo

This laboratory aims to improve the cure rate of hematologic malignancies by elucidating genomic abnormalities related to the onset and progression of the diseases and developing novel testing and treatment strategies based on these findings. The laboratory is mainly targeting students with a background in clinical laboratory science, and is striving to foster advanced medical professionals and researchers who can contribute to cancer genome medicine.

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Research and Education

We focus on acute myeloid leukemia (AML), and our main research targets are the identification of genomic abnormalities by next-generation sequencing and the development of new testing and treatment strategies based on these findings. We collaborate with Kyoto University Hospital and other medical institutions participating in the JCCG (Japan Children’s Cancer Group), which enables us to conduct highly original research using clinical specimens. Through participation in research, students are encouraged to learn basic techniques such as handling clinical specimens, cell culture, nucleic acid extraction, PCR, sequencing, and genome editing, as well as how to conduct researches.

Figure 1: Newly identified CCND3 mutations in pediatric and adult AML (Blood Adv. 2018). Figure 2: A novel adverse prognostic factor in MLL(KMT2A) rearranged AML: KRAS mutations (Blood Adv. 2020).



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Associate Professor: Hidemasa Matsuo


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