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Ph.D. Associate Professor Masanori Shimono

Thank you for visiting our website. Many of life’s difficulties are caused by the difficulty of knowing oneself. We aim to deepen our understanding and treatment methods of diseases by promoting research that tackles the complexity of the brain, which is the source of the self.

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Our laboratory promotes research that combines neuroscience and computational science to deepen our understanding of disease mechanisms and to link them to therapeutic intervention methods.
The technical difficulties in elucidating the whole picture of the brain can be summarized into two points: (1) there is no method to simultaneously measure the dynamics of all cells in the entire brain, and (2) there is no complete method to share subjective experience with others. Our laboratory is exploring the brain physiologically from the first point of view, and is also working to answer the second question from bottom-up approaches.
 Specific research topics include physiological experiments, big data analysis (including artificial intelligence), and applications to disease research such as psychiatric disorders and neurodegeneration.

Publication list

  1. M. Kajiwara, R. Nomura, F. Goetze, Y. Isomura, M. Kawabata, T. Akutsu, M. Shimono, Inhibitory neurons exhibit high controlling ability in the Cortical Microconnectome. PLOS Computational Biology, 17(4), e1008846 (2021).
  2. M. Shimono, N. Hatano, Efficient communication dynamics on macro-connectome, and the propagation speed. Scientific reports, 8(1), 2510 (2018).
  3. S.Nigam, M. Shimono, S. Ito, F-.C. Yeh, N. Timme, M. Myroshnychenko, C.C. Lapish, Z. Tosi, P. Hottowy, W.C. Smith, S.C. Masmanidis, A.M. Litke, O. Sporns, J.M. Beggs, Rich-club organization in effective connectivity among cortical neuronss. The Journal of Neuroscience 36(3): 670-684 (2016)
  4. M. Shimono, J.M. Beggs, Functional Clusters, Hubs and Communities in the Cortical Microconnectome. Cerebral Cortex 25 (10): 3743-3757 (2015)
  5. M. Shimono, H. Mano, K. Niki The brain structural hub of interhemispheric information integration for visual motion perception. Cerebral cortex, 22(2), 337-344 (2012)


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