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M.D., Ph.D. Professor Shigeru Ohtsuru

Our department is still young, opened in 2006. Kyoto Univ. Hospital has been designated as a base hospital for natural and nuclear disasters. The advanced acute care unit opened in 2019, with the number of emergency transports exceeding 6,000 units per year. As an epicenter of advanced acute care, our staffs with various subspecialties have gathered and are working together as ONE-TEAM. Japan is facing a super-aging society, various disasters, and emerging infectious diseases. We want to develop a new Emergency Department that is distinctive and representative of Kyoto University.

Research and Education

Research and Education

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  5. Hearing and Analysis of Hospital Evacuation after The 2016 KUMAMOTO Earthquake Kurata M, Hitomi M, Shimmoto S, Ohtsuru S, Shimoto M, Cho K, Sugiyama O, Aida S European Conference on Earthquake Engineering, 2018


Professor:Shigeru Ohtsuru
Associate Professor:Tomoyuki Yunoki
Senior Lecturer:Kosai Cho
Assistant Professor:Akira Kuriyama, Naoto Jingami, Yudai Takatani, Hiroyuki Yamada, Takuma Minami, Tomoharu Mori, Tatsuya Furutake, Yoshitaka Ishiguro, Kyo Inoue, Yohei Kakuda, Jun Kamei


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