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Ph.D., RN, PHN, Professor Rie Chiba

Maintaining and recovering mental health, as well as supporting community life for people with mental illnesses have become significant social issues. Psychiatric nursing is a field of nursing science that concentrates on the care for better mental health, with a focus on human mind and behavior. Our laboratory is dedicated to the academic exploration of care for people with mental illness, their families, and all other people of various ages, to help them live in a healthier mental state. If you are interested in, please feel free to contact us.

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In recent years, the fields of nursing and psychology have come to focus not only on the perspective of alleviating symptoms and difficulties, but also on the transformation that occurs through facing adversity and the growth process of individuals living with illnesses. Our laboratory is engaged in research to generate high-quality evidence to support individuals with mental illnesses and their families as they go through these processes. We aim to contribute to the establishment of an academic foundation and the evidence-based care in psychiatric nursing.

Practice for Mental Health-Psychiatric Nursing is held at Kyoto University Hospital, home-visit nursing stations, daycare centers at clinics, and other welfare facilities so that students can learn a wide range of practical skills from inpatient treatment to community life support. Graduate education accepts students from the psychiatric nursing and related areas. We welcome students from overseas. Lectures are held in English and Japanese. We also have Advanced Practice Researcher Training Program to foster Certified Nurse Specialist in Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing.


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[Professor] Rie Chiba
[Assistant Professor] Tomoko Yamanouchi
[Assistant Professor] Masako Mitsui

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