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M.D. Professor Mitsuhiro Nakamura

Medical physics is an academic field that contributes to human health by utilizing the knowledge and results of physic and engineering in medicine. We are mainly engaged in research and education related to radiation medical physics. In research, we are conducting research that contributes to the development of radiation medicine. In terms of education, we train medical physicists who have acquired the knowledge of physical engineering and radiology necessary to fulfill their duties in the clinical field, and who have the ability to solve problems on their own.

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Research and Education

From the viewpoint of radiation medical physics, we train researchers and specialists who have the following abilities in the field of radiation medicine; (1) the ability to develop innovative radiation medical devices, (2) the clinical ability to independently perform a series of tasks in the field of radiation therapy, and (3) the educational ability to train the next generation of medical physicists.

In terms of research, we will develop new technologies necessary for the development of radiation medicine, and disseminate the research results to the world through academic activities. In terms of education, we train medical physicists who are capable of installing radiotherapy equipment, developing treatment plans, and performing quality control. In addition, the students will also develop the ability to play a role in team medicine through discussions based on medical physics knowledge at clinical conferences with other professions. Through these activities, we train medical physicists who will can take a leadership in both research and clinical practice.

Determination of actual dose distribution Determination of actual dose distribution

Development of non-invasive tumor tracking system Development of non-invasive tumor tracking system


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M.D. Professor:Mitsuhiro Nakamura


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