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M.D., Ph.D. Professor Yasutomo Fujii

Laboratory science aims to establish and realize concepts and methods for extracting and analyzing various data from molecular and cellular levels to the organ level, for the purpose of elucidating structure and function of living beings, clarifying etiology and pathophysiology of various diseases and/or establishing diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Accordingly, we promote studies on new concepts and technology on the basis of medicine, biology and information technology. We intend to encourage new talents who will act as leaders in the fields of education, research and clinical practice.

Research and Education

Our research projects, the results of which are expected to have a great influence in clinical practice, are as follows:

  1. The search for a rating system of deeper remission in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) using ultrasonography
  2. Clarification of pathology in RA with obesity and/or atherosclerosis
  3. Clinical application of ultrasonography for diagnosis of lung diseases
  4. Development of a system for acquiring ultrasound C-mode imaging
  5. Therapeutic application of ultrasound energy for refractory infection

In our laboratory, graduate students can take training for sonography (gastroenterology, cardiology, etc.) in the clinical laboratory of Kyoto University Hospital, in addition to performing the projects described above. Therefore, graduate students can accumulate experience required to get sonographer certification.

Figure 1. Representative SMI image of a RA patient.

Figure 2. Collection of ultrasound data.


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Professor: Yasutomo Fujii
Assistant Professor: Hidemasa Matsuo

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