School of Public Health

Public Health(Professional Degree Course / Latter Doctral Course)

Departments Chair Lab Homepage
Biostatistics Tosiya Sato Lab Homepage
Healthcare Epidemiology Yosuke Yamamoto Lab Homepage
Pharmacoepidemiology Koji Kawakami Lab Homepage
Genome Epidemiology Fumihiko Matsuda Lab Homepage
Healthcare Economics and Quality Management Yuichi Imanaka Lab Homepage
Medical Ethics and Medical Genetics Shinji Kosugi Lab Homepage
Health Informatics Takeo Nakayama
Medical Communication Miho Iwakuma Lab Homepage
Management of Technology and Intellectual Property Chikako Saotome Lab Homepage
Health and Environmental Sciences Hiroshi Nishiura Lab Homepage
Health Promotion and Human Behavior Toshiaki A. Furukawa Lab Homepage
Preventive Services Taku Iwami Lab Homepage
Social Epidemiology Naoki Kondo Lab Homepage
Public Health and International Health Lab Homepage
Field Medicine underconstruction
(Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Division of Human-Nature Dynamics)
Lab Homepage
Master program for Clinical Research Shunichi Fukuhara Lab Homepage