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face Rintaro Mori MD PhD MSc FRCPCH Professor btn

The Department of Health Policy, based at the National Center for Child Health and Development in Tokyo, Japan, conducts multidisciplinary research in national health policy for women’s and children’s health, with the aim to promote the health of future generations. We also undertake research with a focus on global health and health policy, particularly in developing countries. Our research encompasses four major areas:

  • Theoretical studies in policy science.
  • Research syntheses.
  • Primary and secondary data analyses.
  • Evaluation of health policy.

Research and Education

Our research encompasses four major areas:
1. Theoretical studies in policy science. We investigate the concept and application of evidence-based health policy including social science research.
2. Research syntheses. We host the Japanese Satellite of the Cochrane Pregnancy and Childbirth Group—the only formal Cochrane entity in Japan. We conduct and support Cochrane and other systematic reviews, as well as cost effectiveness analyses.
3. Primary and secondary data analyses. We maintain or are closely involved in various national and global registries of perinatal and paediatric diseases. Our other research projects include a cohort study on the mental health of pregnant women in Japan; a birth cohort study in Mongolia, and a cross-sectional study on the well-being of children with chronic conditions. We also conduct data analyses of national governmental statistics.
4. Evaluation of health policy. We conduct several international studies including cluster randomized controlled trials in Japan, Mongolia and Bangladesh.
We always welcome any effective collaboration to further promote maternal and child health and child development. If your organization is interested in working with our department, please contact us.

名称未設定-2 We are located in the National Center for Child Health and Development near the city centre of Tokyo. Our team comprised of researchers from different countries with different research techniques. We conduct each research project by formulating a research team from the Department and from other organisations, working for the same goals.

Recent Publications

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