Medical Informatics

黒田先生顔写真 Tomohiro Kuroda, Ph.D. Professor btn

Medical Informatics is an academic discipline that studies clinical activities and socio-medical systems as processes of creation, communication, transformation, accumulation, and utilization of information, while also developing new information technology and seeking new knowledge to support medical effectiveness and efficacy.
We are eager to meet prospective colleagues full of curiosity, willing to forge a new vision for the future of clinical medicine in the information age, following the current storm of revolutions in how we handle information.

Research and Education

Our department is conducting research activities in real clinical settings in collaboration with faculty members of the Information Systems and Medical Sciences departments, as well as many specialists belonging to the Hospital and Graduate School of Medicine.
Our goals are to create an information infrastructure, to analyze active clinical information, and to realize practical information support. Toward the goals, we conduct cutting-edge research through data science, medical AI, IoT, VR/AR/MR, and other technologies in all areas where information and medicine face, including the development of information systems for hospitals, telemedicine, and clinical epidemiology, hospital management analysis, diagnostic support such as patient condition prediction and medical image processing, and medical treatment, education, and surgical support.
Our department accepts many graduate students, including international students from the Graduate School of Medicine and Informatics. Students will learn essential skills, including solid basic competences, flexible thinking, and proper communication, in a multi-national, multi-lateral collaborative research context, in research institutes of Medicine, Informatics, and Engineering, and at social settings such as hospitals and local communities.

Diagnosis Support Based on Deep Learning

2020 Alumni Party

Recent Publications

  1. Luciano Santos, Kazuya Okamoto, Ryo Otsuki, Shusuke Hiragi, Goshiro Yamamoto, Osamu Sugiyama, Tomoki Aoyama, Tomohiro Kuroda: Promoting Physical Activity in Japanese Older Adults Using a Social Pervasive Game: Randomized Controlled Trial. Journal of Medical Internet Research Serious Games, vol.9, no.1, e16458 (2021/01/06) doi: 10.2196/16458.
  2. Ryo Otsuki, Osamu Sugiyama, Yuki Mori, Masahiro Miyake, Shusuke Hiragi, Goshiro Yamamoto, Luciano Santos, Yuta Nakanishi, Yoshikatsu Hosoda, Hiroshi Tamura, Shigemi Matsumoto, Akitaka Tsujikawa, Tomohiro Kuroda: Deep Learning Model to Predict Postoperative Visual Acuity from Preoperative Multimedia Ophthalmic Data. Advanced Biomedical Engineering, vol.9, pp.241-248 (2020/12/29) doi: 10.14326/abe.9.241.
  3. Kensuke Morris, Osamu Sugiyama, Goshiro Yamamoto, Manabu Shimoto, Genta Kato, Shigeru Ohtsuru, Masayuki Nambu, Tomohiro Kuroda: Towards a Medical Oriented Social Network Service: Analysis of Instant Messaging Communication among Emergency Physicians. Advanced Biomedical Engineering, vol.9, pp.35-42 (2020) DOI: 10.14326/abe.9.35
  4. Shusuke Hiragi, Rei Goto, Yukari Tanaka, Yoko Matsuyama, Atsuo Sawada, Kaoru Sakai, Hitomi Miyata, Hiroshi Tamura, Motoko Yanagita, Tomohiro
    Kuroda, Osamu Ogawa, Takashi Kobayashi: Estimating the Net Utility Gains among Donors and Recipients of Adult Living Donor Kidney Transplantation. Transplantation Processings (2019) DOI: 10.1016/j.transproceed.2019.01.049
  5. Samar El Helou, Victoria Abou-Khalil, Goshiro Yamamoto, Hiroshi Tamura, Shusuke Hiragi, Kazuya Okamoto, Masayuki Nambu, Tomohiro Kuroda: Understanding the Situated Roles of Electronic Medical Record Systems to Enable Redesign: Mixed Methods Study. Journal of Medical Internet Research
    Human Factors, vol.6, no.3, e13812 (2019) doi:10.2196/13812

Medical Informatics

Professors: Tomohiro Kuroda, Masayuki Nambu (Preemptive Medicine & Lifestyle-Related Disease Research Center)
Associate Professors :  Goshiro Yamamoto, Genta Kato (KUHP Solutions Center for Health Insurance Claims), Osamu Sugiyama (Real World Data Research and Development), Hiroshi Sasaki (iACT), Naoto Kume (EHR Promotion Center)
Senior Lecturers : Yukiko Mori, Tetsuya Ohtsubo (Database Center of the National University Hospitals), Masahiro Yakami (Preemptive Medicine & Lifestyle-Related Disease Research Center), Akira Yutani
Assistant Professors : Luciano Santos, Hiroaki Ueshima, Kazumasa Kishimoto (Preemptive Medicine & Lifestyle-Related Disease Research Center), Kenichi Saito
Researcher : Chang Liu
Visiting Researcher : Shusuke Hiragi
TEL : +81-75-366-7701
FAX : +81-75-366-7704
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