Thoracic Surgery

伊達の写真 Hiroshi Date, M.D., Ph.D. Professor  btn

Department of Thoracic Surgery, Kyoto University, was founded in 1941 and involved into a leading international thoracic surgery program from one of the earliest such programs in Japan. For increasing lung cancer surgery, video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery and robotic-assisted surgery have become a standard approach in our department. Since 2010, Kyoto University lung transplant program has become the most active one in Japan and has performed 112 lung transplants until now. We have accepted a number of foreign visitors for observing such operation. Thoracic surgeons trained in our department are practicing in affiliated hospitals mainly in the west part of Japan. Over 7,000 cases of thoracic surgery (about 10% of cases in whole Japan) are performed annually by our group.

Research and Education

Faculty research within the Department of Thoracic Surgery encompasses a wide range of interests including lung cancer, lung transplantation and regenerative medicine. For lung cancer research, we are looking for prognostic factors after lung cancer surgery using specimens removed in OR. Recently EMT mechanism has been extensively investigated in our laboratory. Preoperative as well as postoperative chemotherapy and/or chemo-radiotherapy for lung cancer have been studied both in the clinic and in the laboratory so as to identify useful biological makers for “order made treatment”. For lung transplant research, we have developed ET-Kyoto solution for preservation and this solution is now clinically used in various institutions. We are conducting studies on lung transplantation using donors after cardiac death using an ex-vivo lung perfusion animal model. We first successfully performed a bilateral native lung sparing living-donor lobar lung transplantation and inverted lobar lung transplantation which can be applied to large adult recipients. The Department of Thoracic Surgery provides education and treatment of the full range of complex general thoracic problems regarding diagnoses, examinations and surgical and non-surgical therapies.

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Recent Publications

  1. Date H, Sato M, Aoyama A, Yamada T, Mizota T, Kinoshita H, Handa T, Tanizawa K, Chin K, Minakata K, Chen F. Living-donor lobar lung transplantation provides similar survival to cadaveric lung transplantation even for very ill patients. Eur J Cardiovasc Surg 2014 (Epub ahead of print)
  2. Motoyama H, Chen F, Hijiya K, Kondo T, Ohsumi A, Yamada T, Sato M, Aoyama A, Bando T, Date H. Plasmin administration during ex vivo lung perfusion ameliorates lung ischemia-reperfusion injury. J Heart Lung Transplant 33(10):1093-9, 2014
  3. Sato M, Omasa M, Chen F, Sato T, Sonobe M, Bando T, Date H. Use of virtual assisted lung mapping (VAL-MAP), a bronchoscopic multisport dye-marking technique using virtual images, for precise navigation of thoracoscopic sublobar lung resection. J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg 147(6):1813-9, 2014
  4. Chen F, Oga T, Sakai H, Matsumoto I, Yamada T, Sato M, Aoyama A, Bnado T, Mishima M, Chin K, Date H. A prospective study analyzing one-year multidimensional outcomes in living lung transplant donors. Am J Transplant 13(11):3003-9, 2013
  5. Menju T, Hashimoto S, Hashimoto A, Otsuka Y, Handa H, Ogawa E, Toda Y, Wada H, Date H, Sabe H. Engagement of overexpressed Her2 with GEP100 induced autonomous invasive activities and profiles a biomarker for metastases of lung adenocarcinoma. PLoS One 6(9):e25301, 2011

Department of Thoracic Surgery

Professor: Hiroshi Date
Lecturer: Mitsugu Omasa, Makoto Sonobe, Fengshi Chen
Assistant Professor: Akihiro Aoyama, Toshi Menju, Kyoko Hijiya, Hideki Motoyama
TEL: 075-751-4975
FAX: 075-751-4974