Public Health

Japan has attained the high life expectancy and low infant death rate which we can be proud of. We study the public health and the health policy of Japan supporting this life expectancy and healthy life style, and are targeting to contribute to the development of a future healthy policy. The basic knowledge of the public health is necessary for the further study on Japanese health policy. We would like researchers with enough knowledge on general medicine and/or the public health system of the country and fluent English speaking faculty.

Research and Education

Being based on a historical viewpoint of healthy political science and by using the qualitative and quantitative analysis method and/or its fusion-technique, and the social-marketing-technique, we investigate the current situation and the most effective health policies. The tobacco control measures are important subjects not only in Japan but also in the global, and we are advancing these topics positively. We also give lectures at conferences in abroad on the preventable smoking measures. In the field of international health, we collect the information on the international systems including WHO, and compare them with those of Japan etc. Now, besides the research on health policies of Japan, we study laws and regulations regarding public health. Also, we study and compare food safety measures including measures, against terrorism in Japan and foreign countries.


The 7th Annual Meeting of International Society for the Prevention of Tobacco Induced Diseases

Recent Publications

  1. Ryota Sakamoto, Akira Ohno, Toshitaka Nakahara, Kazunari Satomura, Suketaka Iwanaga, Masahiko Saito, Kiyohito Okumiya, Keizo Yamaguchi: A patient with Legionnaires’ disease transferred after a traffic accident BMJCase Reports(BMJ Publishin group Ltd) 2009 [doi: 10.1136/bcr.09.2008.0893]
  2. Suketaka Iwanaga, Megumi Noami, Keiko Kusaka, Kazuyoshi Harano, Masahiro Tanaka, Kazunari Satomura, Toshitaka Nakahara: THE IMPACT OF HEALTH EDUCATION TRENDS TO THE SMOKING RATES AMONG THE HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS IN JAPAN, The 1st Arab World Conference on Public Health, Dubai, The United Arab Emirates 2013.4.4-6
  3. Harano K, Satomura K, Iwanaga S, Nakahara T: Health promotion in Mauritania with the checklist of the grass-root grand aid scheme of the Japanese Embassy 201-205 articles from the 13th World Congress on Public Health Medimond (Italy) 2013 (
  4. Kazunari Satomura, Suketaka Iwanaga, Megumi Noami, Keiko Kusaka, Mai Masuda, Toshitaka Nakahara: It it Possible to Provide Effective Health Service in Local Government by “Data Health Plan”? HEALTH POLICY AND POLITICS IN DIVERSIFYING SOCIETIES: ASIA AND GLOBAL ISSUES, Kyoto 2014.11.29
  5. Kazunari Satomura, Suketeka Iwanaga, Megumi Noami, Keiko Kusaka, Mai Masuda, Toshitaka Nakahara: Is it necessary to increase rates of elderly people who receive health check-up in Japan? 14th World Congress on Public Health, Kolkata, India 2015.2.11-15

Public Health

Associate Professor : Kazunari Satomura, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor : Suketaka Iwanaga, MD, PhD
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