Message from the chairperson of Department

Chairperson of the Human Health Sciences Division of Medicine,
Prof. Souichi Adachi M.D., Ph.D.

Medicine has existed for more than two thousand years as the study to protect the physical and mental health of people, to prevent diseases, and to treat people who are suffering from diseases. Since the 19th century, and especially since the latter half of the 20th century, the diagnosis and treatment of diseases have advanced dramatically due to the rapid development of biological sciences. The COVID-19 pandemic that has been happening since last year reminded us again of the importance of medicine. In order to keep up with these advances in medicine and the changing times, the Department of Human Health Sciences will continue to work on organizational reform for further improvement.

We have strengthened our programs throughout this transformational time to grow students’ skills efficiently as a person who will be working in medical sciences and medical treatments in the future. We have decided to increase the capacity of Master and Ph.D. students from this year’s entrance exam. We will accept 70 Master’s students and 25 Ph.D. students.
You will learn from world-leading professors at the Department of Human Health Sciences who have wide and very unique research areas in the Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University Hospital, the Center for iPS Cell Research and Application, and the Institute for Frontier Life and Medical Sciences, Kyoto University. These professors at the Department of Human Health Sciences also participate in distinguished graduate school education that has been adopted by the Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University. I believe that students will have an invaluable and fulfilling time with the wonderful encounter with teachers and students. The most important mission of the Department of Human Health Science is to nurture world-leading medical professionals and medical researchers with the respect for freedom that Kyoto University is renowned for. Hiroji Kinoshita, the first principal of Kyoto University has stated, “University students should prude themselves and be self-reliant and independent” in the entrance ceremony. It is my hope that students will find their creative purposes and cut the way they seek in the future through discussions with faculty teachers and students.

I believe that the students who study in this department will be able to utilize knowledge in their way and become medical professionals who will be responsible for advanced medicine. In addition to working actively in a profession, I hope that they will be involved in clinical research to deliver new drugs and medical devices, and in medical administration. I also believe that Kyoto University plays an important role in producing faculty members who will go on to work at medical universities across the country. I hope that our students will become leaders in nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and clinical laboratory technicians. There are still many patients suffering from diseases that are difficult to diagnose and treat adequately with current medical care. I hope that our medical researchers will be able to find the truth in chaos with their free ideas and become pioneers of new medical fields.
Finally, it is my hope that students who learn medicine and develop their scientific thinking skills at Kyoto University will be at the forefront of medical professionals and medical researchers who practice and develop medicine as a comprehensive human science that goes beyond biological science.

16th January. 2021