Curriculum Policy in the Division of Human Health Sciences

To ensure that generations to come will have open access to high quality public health, medical care, and welfare in Japan, we proposed the creation of a new scientific field called Human Health Sciences.

The MS program at the School of Human Health Science aims to push forward the momentum of advanced frontier medicine, and seeks to secure a solid foundation of healthcare, welfare and social insurance for future generations. Additionally, the School of Human Health Science logically defines the concept of “health” it strives to pursue for future generations, and provides extensive training and education in order to fulfill this goal. The MS program offers courses in Nursing Science, Laboratory Analysis and Rehabilitation Science. In either course, MS candidates will be expected to meet the highest standards of professionalism and demonstrate a high degree of knowledge in Human Health Science. Through diverse curricula, the MS course hopes to develop researchers who can bridge the gap between basic and clinical medicine, and can establish cooperative projects with laboratories representing various academic disciplines in the hopes of making unprecedented progress in the unexplored reaches of human health science.

The PhD program at the School of Human Health Science was established for the humble purpose of nurturing professionals who can promote the concept of genuine health, establish a theoretical foundation for research in the field of Human Health Sciences, and apply this theoretical foundation into actual practice to overcome the constant threat of disease. In order to assume a central role in the field of human health sciences, a PhD candidate must not only be proficient in his/her domain of expertise, but must also possess administrative and managerial skills in a variety of disciplines. To this end, the Merger Unit for Future Human Health Sciences-consisting of an orchestra of researchers representing the fields of medicine, engineering, pharmacology, the natural sciences, social studies, and the humanities-was established in order to promote novel theories and practices for physical and psychological diagnosis, patient treatment, and the sustenance of daily health. PhD candidates will be provided with ample training and education that will enable them to become future leaders in the constantly evolving field of Human Health Science.