Admission policy in the Division of Human Health Sciences

Master of Science Program in school of Human Health Science

While we have witnessed much progress over the years in our understanding of Medicine and its application to various avenues of treatment, further evolution is imperative in meeting the medical demands of the future. The Graduate School of Medicine at Kyoto University has long-since been a forerunner in pushing forward the advancement of medical technology. To ensure that generations to come will have open access to high quality public health, medical care, and welfare in Japan, we proposed the creation of a new scientific field called Human Health Sciences. The MS program at the School of Human Health Science logically defines the concept of “health” it strives to pursue, and provides extensive training and education in order to secure the demand for highly qualified future healthcare professionals. Based on these principles, we provide healthcare providers with superior clinical and communication skills who can provide superior medical care that meets the demands of patients. Additionally, we combine basic and clinical medicine, along with other academic disciplines and intellectual assets at Kyoto University to develop future educators and researchers. Individuals with a passion for supporting the healthcare efforts of the future are encouraged to apply.

Doctor (PhD) Program in School of Human Health Science

Throughout its proud heritage, Kyoto University has always assumed a central role in the prevention and treatment of disease. The PhD program at the School of Human Health Science was established for the humble purpose of nurturing professionals who can promote the concept of genuine health, establish a theoretical foundation for research in the field of Human Health Sciences, and apply this theoretical foundation into actual practice to overcome disease. In order to maintain its leadership role in the field of medicine/medical science, Kyoto University requires PhD candidates to explore beyond the reaches of their respective areas of expertise, and actively seek knowledge in a wide array of academic fields that will enable them to assume leadership roles in multi-disciplinary environments. To this end, the Merger Unit for Future Human Health Sciences-consisting of an orchestra of researchers representing the fields of medicine, engineering, pharmacology, the natural sciences, social studies, and the humanities-was established in order to promote novel theories and practices for physical and psychological diagnosis, patient treatment, and the sustenance of daily health. Given our future perspective, it is our mission to develop experts who will become leaders in the ever-evolving field of Human Health Science. Therefore, it is our hope to not only attract individuals with a background in Medicine and the Medical Sciences, but also those representing the public and private sectors. Upon completion of studies at the School of Human Health Science, graduates will return to the industrial, public and academic domains as invaluable assets. Highly qualified and motivated individuals are actively sought for this program.