[Scholarship] 2022年度イオン・スカラシップ奨学生について AEON CLUB FOUNDATION

If you wish to apply, please read the eligibility on the guidelines. if you fulfil all the conditions, please email the necessary information to the Office of Student Affairs as the pre-application by Thu, March 31, 2022.

推薦について Recommendation slot:
The recommendation slot of the university is four students for general, one to two students for ASEAN. Graduate School of Medicine can recommend one student for this scholarship.
If there are multiple applicants, the Graduate School of Medicine will have a screening to determine the nominee. However, due to the Recommendation Method of Kyoto University, we may not be able to get the recommendation slot if there is an applicant from a high-ranking graduate school. Currently, Medicine is Fifth in the ranking.
*For nominees only:  the application documents (including the “Declaration of Understanding and Agreement”) must submit by April 8, 2022.


事前申請 Pre-Applicaiton Deadline   
1)申請期限 Deadline: 2022年3月31日(木) March 31, 2022
以下の情報をメールにてお知らせください。Please email the following information
内容: ①学生番号、②氏名、③国籍、④奨学金の受給/申請中の有無、⑤申請希望枠(アセアン枠/一般枠)

募集概要Application Abstract
Eligible applicants: Applicants must meet all of the conditions mentioned in the guideline.
An International student enrolled (will) in the Master’s program at the  Graduate School of Medicine as of April 2022.

Nationality:  It is indicated in the guideline

3. 分野指定:なし。ただし、小売業(医療品販売を含む)・サービス業・金融業・商業・
Field designation: None. However, retail (including medical product sales), service, finance, commerce, Those who have a strong interest in developers (real estate), agriculture, fisheries, and IT Those who understand the purpose of the foundation and have clear dreams for the future

4.奨学金支給期間: 2022 年4月~2024年3月(2年間)
Duration of Stipend: from April 2022 to Mar 2024 (2years)

5.奨学金月額: 10万円  + 授業料年額別途支給
Monthly Stipend: 100,000 yen and Tuition fee will be paid separately

・募集要項のとおり ※紙ベース・写真はデータ提出
Application Documents: Please check the application guidelines. *must be submit paper documents, and photo date(JEPG) .
Submit the “Declaration of Understanding and Agreement” with the application documents.

留意事項: Note
・「提出A 奨学生申込書」はPC入力が可能です。

京都大学大学院医学研究科教務課 C棟1F
Office of Student Affairs Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University
Email: kyoumu-in [at] mail2.adm.kyoto-u.ac.jp *change [at] to [@]