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 - Fusion Unit for Near Future Human Health Sciences
Innovation Unit for Near Future System and Technology
In this unit we study about the construction of practical medical system, machinery development, various patient management based on social needs, medical needs, patient needs which will be done by uniting the knowledge of nursing/laboratory medicine/physical-occupational therapy courses as well as utilizing medicine-mechanic cooperation and product government college cooperation. Through the research and education in this unit we will bring up the health professionals who have wide knowledge of human health science, provide appropriate information to society, propose at various clinical settings based on their knowledge, and can show leadership in medical care teams.

  Hidenori Arai
Research and Education
In this fusion unit we are trying to construct medical care systems in which patients, elderly or handicapped people can live in peace. For this purpose we try to conduct interdisciplinary studies through the interaction of nursing, laboratory medicine, physical/occupational therapy courses, where we can sometimes utilize medicine-mechanic cooperation and product government college cooperation.
Our research themes are the following:

1. To build a new health care system in an aged society
2. To establish how to prevent the decline of ADL in frail elderly collaborated with comprehensive support centers in the community
3. Research on the effect of discharge planning on QOL of a patient and their family and on the education tools for medical staffs collaborated with Department of Community Network and Collaborative Medicine, Kyoto University Hospital
4. Effect of comprehensive geriatric assessment (CGA) during hospitalization on ADL and QOL after discharge

Through these research projects we are also aiming to bring up various kinds of outstanding health professionals who can develop leading-edge medical technology, promote a new research field, participate in policy making for health care, and play a role as a super coordinator showing leadership among health professionals.

Innovation Unit for Near Future System and Technology
Professor Hidenori Arai

Kouichi Ishizu
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Recent Publications
1. Yamada M, Arai H, Sonoda T, and Aoyama T, Community-based exercise program is cost-effective by preventing care and disability in Japanese frail older adults. J Am Med Dir Assoc, in press.
2. Yokoyama S, Yamashita S, Ishibashi S, Sone H, Oikawa S, Shirai K, Ohta T, Bujo H, Kobayashi J, Arai H, Harada-Shiba M, Eto M, Hayashi T, Gotoda T, Suzuki H, Yamada N, Background to Discuss Guidelines for Control of Plasma HDL-Cholesterol in Japan. J Atheroscler Thromb, in press.
3. Takechi H, Sugihara Y, Kokuryu A, Nishida M, Yamada H, Arai H, Hamakawa Y, Both conventional indices of cognitive function and frailty predict levels of care required in a long-term care insurance program for memory clinic patients in Japan. Geriatr Gerontol Int, in press.
4. Ogita M, Takechi H, Kokuryu A, Kondoh H, hamakawa Y, Arai H, Identifying cognitive dysfunction using the nurses’ rapidly clinical judgment in elderly inpatients. J Clin Gerontol Geriatr, in press.
5. Tamura Y, Murayama T, Minami M, Matsubara T, Yokode M, Arai H, Ezetimibe ameliorates early diabetic nephropathy in db/db mice. J Atheroscler Thromb, in press.