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Preventive Nursing
Prevention is the origin of, as well as a fundamental component of community health nursing. Throughout the life cycle, from infancy to old age, preventive activities in a variety of fields of community health care are indispensable for a life of high quality. So we welcome public health nurses and health care professionals who wish to learn the methods to elucidate health promoting factors or health deteriorating factors, such as lifestyle or socio-cultural background. The program includes evidence-based preventive activities and health care, and networks and systems for preventive activities, the framing policy for the purpose of building a healthy community and promoting health of community residents.

  Toshiki Katsura , R.P.H.N. , R.N. , Ph.D.
Research and Education
We aim to train public health nurses and other health care professionals in promoting independent preventive activities and research contributing to building of healthy communities. Objectives include successful aging and health promotion of community residents using epidemiological methods or other scientific methods, both quantitative and qualitative, which are currently employed in health care and health promotion activities.

Current projects include:
1) Epidemiological studies in community and work populations for prevention of cardiovascular diseases or metabolic syndrome, and plan-do-see preventive approaches to lifestyle modification and weight management for overweight residents with metabolic syndrome.
2) Field studies on prevention of bed-boundedness and house-boundedness aiming at successful aging in the very elderly or elderly living alone. We are involved in joint field studies and experimental studies, such as sight information processing and risk cognition in the elderly, including elucidation of mechanisms of falls and fall prevention.
3) We have developed a residential space for human communications between elderly residents living alone in communities for the purpose of social experimentation on building a healthy community. This includes health promotion of community residents, and supporting resident-participant health promotion activities and framing of community networks.

Preventive Nursing
Professor Toshiki Katsura ,R.P.H.N. , R.N. , Ph.D.

Mika Okura ,R.P.H.N. , R.N. , Ph.D.

Miho Shizawa , R.P.H.N. , R.N. , Ph.D.
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Characteristics in the fixation point and the visual search of an elderly faller in comparison with an elderly or a middle aged non-faller during descending stairs of a pedestrian bridge
(T Katsura, N Miura, N Takahashi, S Hisamoto and A Hoshino )
BMI curve in males (above) and females (below) of 400,000 Japanese aged 25-75
( T Katsura, K Matsuda, M Yamazaki and A Hoshino )
“Sukoyaka” health lectures aiming at successful aging are held to promote health of community residents about 6 times for a year in Kyoto
Recent Publications
1. Toshiki Katsura, Akiko Hoshino:Factors Relating to Maintenance of Walking to prevent against House-boundedness in Old-old-residents.J. J. H. M.;16(1):14-24, 2007.
2. Toshiki Katsura, Kazumi Matsuda, Mari Yamazaki, Akiko Hoshino:A Follow-up Study on Weight Management Appropriate for Improving Coronary Risk Factors – Does Moderate Middle-termed Weight Loss Improve Hypercholesterolemia ? -.J.J. H. M.;15(4):3-14, 2007.
3. Toshiki Katsura,Kazumi Matsuda,Mari Yamazaki,Akiko Hoshino.Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome in 400,000 Japanese Employees Resided in All Prefectures, Japan;J.H.M.A.:14(4),2-6,2006.
4. Akiko Hoshino, Toshiki Katsura, Masae Yamamoto:Examination of a Satellite System at a Local Shopping Center for Supporting Independent Living of Elderly People – SUKOYAKA Salon -. J. J. R. M.;55(4):402-407, 2006.
5. Toshiki Katsura, Akiko Hoshino:Characteristics of Independent Moving Ability in Elderly Residents – Comparison of Physical Factors Relating to Walking Ability between young-old and old-old-residents-.J. J. H. M.;14(4):16-23, 2006.
6. Akiko Hoshino, Toshiki Katsura :Effects of Activities of Community Organization in a Local city –Comparison of Health Behaviors of Continuators and Those of Retirees of Hoken-suisinin Activities in F-city -.J. J. H. M.;14(2):33-36, 2005.