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Human Body Defense & Patho-physiology Nursing Science
Considering the increasing problems arising from a super-aging society, we are exploring new ways of nursing in order to addresses the related health care issues. As part of such activities, we established the ‘Research Group on Ubiquitous Home Healthcare’ for the purpose of nourishing abilities to research and develop new solutions together with other health care professions by studying from aspects of Nursing, Medicine and Engineering.

  Shinichi Nomoto, MD.PhD
Research and Education
Since 2010, the Graduate Schools of Medicine and Engineering of Kyoto University have been collaborationg in a program of “Unit for Liveable Cities” to research how healthy and sustainable cities can be achieved in a super-aging society, and to cultivate human resources among members of society along with postgraduate students of the Graduate Schools of Engineering and Medicine. One of the themes is healthcare issues of the super-aging society.  Insufficient information-sharing among disciplines is one of the barriers to improve the quality of expanding home care in the coming super-aging society. To overcome this issue, members of ‘Research Group on Ubiquitous Home Care’ as well as health care provider involve in home care meet at regular intervals to develop ‘Home Care Information Sharing System’ by using the iPad. To date, empirical studies were performed in Kyoto City’s Sakyo ward in collaboration with the Kyoto Medical Association.
In collaboration with the Laboratory Science Course of Kyoto University, which is promoting Medical-Engineering cooperation, we plan to develop the system by building deeper cooperation with medical doctors, pharmacists, dental hygienists, physical therapists as well as nurses, and conduct empirical experiments in cooperation with municipal governments.

Human Body Defense &
Patho-physiology Nursing Science
Professor Shinichi Nomoto, MD,D.Med.Sc.

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