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 - Basic Nursing Science
Environmental Health Nursing
The environment is the theme that has been taken up since the time of Nightingale, and is placed as one of the basic concept in nursing science. The environment has various influences on the health of people, but the recognition and relation for the environment have changed according to the state of mental and physical health. Conventionally, the relations between the person and the environment have been discussed in terms of determinism or the interaction theory. However, "Man-Environment System" has become widely accepted.
 In our field, we investigate the healthy phenomena in various fields scientifically from the viewpoint of "Man -Environment System" with the aim of building a new domain called the environmental health nursing.

  Sawako Suga, C.C.P., Ph.D. /Tomoko Wakamura R.N., P.H.N., Ph.D.
Research and Education
 The main studies of our stuff are as follows; of the relationship between living environment and sleep-wake rhythm of home care patients, about the influence of light environment gives to sleep-wake cycle, and about the technique of moving and positioning the patient in bed. In addition, of the nursing counseling, sandplay-drama method story method and mental health of school or the workplace that we store on verbal and nonverbal communication.
 For study environment, a living environment system laboratory and an interview / developmental assessment room are prepared. In the living environment system laboratory, we can make several study that we experiment of daily life of home care patients or controlled the environmental parameter. In addition, we can enforce counseling, interview and sand play technique in an interview / developmental assessment room.

Environmental Health Nursing
Professor Sawako Suga, C.C.P., Ph.D. 
Tomoko Wakamura, R.N., P.H.N., Ph.D.

Kazuyo Suzuki, R.N., P.H.N., M.A.
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Actgram and sleep-wake analysis of home care patient with Actiwatch
Influences of different light intensities during daytime
Pressure mapping in tilt position
One scene of sandplay-drama method
Recent Publications
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