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Industry-Academia Collaboration Project
A System for Excavation and Commercialization of Research Findings in the Field of Medicine
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photoOpened in April 2002, the Organization addresses the issue of how research achievements can be best returned for the benefit of society. This aim can be said to be one of the three major objectives of national university corporation; the first two being the education and the research itself. Excavating the seeds of innovation born within the medical field (centering around the Graduate School of Medicine) ,the organization contributes to the development of improved healthcare by matching the university seeds with the market and industrial needs for collaborations.The KUMBL Organization consists of the Office of Promotion for Medical Innovation and the Office of Support for Business Liaison (Incubation Plaza and Liaison Office ).

The Office of Promotion for Medical Innovation examines and researches the construction of efficient systems for industry-academia collaboration in the field of medical science for Strategic Alliance between companies and the university, and also plans research. In addition, this office provides the support necessary for the efficient pursuit of research implemented through Strategic Alliance projects between the university and business in the Medical Innovation Center.

To meet the objective of returning research outcomes in the medical science field to society, the Incubation Plaza's role is to select research outcomes with business potential, and move them through to practical application by means of collaboration with business (including processes such as patenting, technology transfer, collaborative research, and start-up support).

The role of the Liaison Office is to seek out research seeds within the university in medical school, collate the information on such seeds and then collaborate with the Sirankai alumni association's Science and Business Liaison Office (SSBLO) to publicize their availability. It also encourages the exchange of research information between private companies and the university, and works to assist the strong growth of industry-academia collaboration in a transparent manner.



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