Closing Notice

Graduate School of Medicine will be closed for the Kyoto University Summer Holiday at the following period, and certificate issuance will not be in service.

If you request during the period, it will take a long time more than usual. Please refer to the “procedure duration around the holiday” and make a request with time to spare.
In addition, Certificate Issuing Machines will also not be in service during the period.
Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.

Period:   from  August 13 (Mon) 2018   to  August 17 (Fri), 2018

Procedure Duration Around the Holiday

The Certificate Issuing Machines

By Post

    1. Please print out the request form from here [Request Form (PDF)], and fill out the necessary information on it.
    2. Please enclose a self-addressed return envelope with a necessary amount of postal stamp on, the request form and a copy of your ID, and send them to Graduate School of Medicine. Please write [Request for Certificate] in red on the front of the sending envelope.
    3. Please make sure that you put the necessary amount of Japanese postal stamp for the weight for the numbers of a certificate on the return envelope.
      Note: if you request a certificate from overseas, an international reply coupon (IRC) may be used instead of Japanese stamps. (IRC is equivalent to nearly 130yen Japanese stamp)
      If IRCs are not available in your country, you may ask someone in Japan to make the request on your behalf. In that case, please send a consent form describing the name of proxy along with other documents.
    4. Regular certifications in Japanese will be posted  2 days (Except for holidays and office closing day) after received a request form and regular certifications in English will be posted one week (Except for holidays and office closing day) after received.

List of countries and territories selling IRC.


– The above table is to estimate the return postages with using JAS standard size craft envelope affixed 1 or 2 stamps on. If you use the different size/weight envelope or put many stamps on it, please check the price at the post office before sending. A letter of certificate/sheet weights about 5 grams.
– If you would like your certificate “sealed into the envelope”, the estimate on the above table is for one sheet in one envelope (folded the bottom twice into the long size envelope and sealed with dean’s signature). The weight of English version certificate using western No.4 size envelope will be heavier than Japanese sealed certificate.
– Express mail: Add JPY 280 (up to 250g) to the normal postage.
– Registered mail: Add JPY 310 (up to 250g) to the normal postage.
– In case of the shortage of postage, we will not send the certificates in principle, please make sure to calculate the necessary postage before sending.

In Person

You will be given the request form to fill in and asked to submit at the reception counter in Academic Affairs/Student Support Office, Graduate School of Medicine.

Certificates cannot be issued on the same day. Regular certifications in Japanese will be issued in 2 days (Except for holidays), and regular certifications in English will be issued in a week (Except for holidays). You can either come back to pick up or ask for sending by post.

Please bring your ID to receive the certificate. If you would like to ask for sending it by post, please bring the self-addressed and stamped envelope when you apply.

If someone on behalf of you come and pick up your certificate due to inevitable reasons, please let the person bring the letter of proxy with your signature written by yourself and his/her ID.


  1. We cannot accept the request by telephone, FAX or Email.
  2. There is no handing fee to charge for issuing the certificate.
  3. Current Students (Both regular and non-regular Students) can issue the certificates with using Certificate Issuing Machines located in the campus. (There is the one on 1st floor, Building B In faculty of medicine campus) To log in the personal information, Student ID card and ECS-ID & Password are required.

Certificate Issuing Machines

★List of Certificates from Issuing Machine★

[Regular Student]
  1. Certificate of enrollment (Japanese / English)
  2. Academic transcript (Japanese)
  3. Certificate of expected graduation (Japanese only) *only for the final-year student.
  4. Certificate of expected completion (Japanese only)*only for the final year of master’s program/professional degree program student.
  5. JR Student Discount/ Gakuwarisho (Japanese only)
  6. Health Result Certificate (Japanese only)
[Non-Regular Student]
  1. Certificate of Current Enrollment (Japanese and English)
  2. Health Result Certificate (Japanese only)
  • If the certificate has to be completely sealed by school official, please inform us or indicate so to the request form.
  • Please contact us if you have any questions.
* Certificate Issuing Machine Service Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30 – 18:00

★Certificate Issuing Machine Service Notification★
General Information and location LINK
Service Information  NEW! 2018/2/15 PDF
Service of the Certificate Issuing Machine for the Graduates NEW! 2018/2/15 PDF

Inquiries & Send to:

Academic Affairs/Student Support Office, Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto UniversityYoshida Konoe-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8501

E-mail :060kyoumu(at) mail2.adm.kyoto-u.ac.jp

Request for Certificate of Degree Conferment (Master’s, Professional and Doctoral degrees)

Please refer the university website for details: http://www.kyoto-u.ac.jp/en/education-campus/campus/procedures/certificate.html