Human Health Sciences

Nursing science

Laboratory Science

Rehabilitation Sciences

Fusion Unit for Near Future Human Health Sciences

Nursing Science

 Basic Nursing Science  Environmental Health Nursing
 Human Body Defense & Patho-physiology Nursing Science
 Clinical Nursing Science  Nursing Science for Lifestyle-Related Diseases
Department of Palliative Nursing ・ Gerontological Nursing
 Critical Care Nursing
 Psychiatric Nursing
 Family Nursing Science  Child Health and Development Nursing
 Midwifery & Women’s Health
 Female Life-Cycle Nursing
 Community Health and Community Health Nursing  Preventive Nursing
 Public Health Nursing
 Home Healthcare Nursing

Laboratory Science

 Medical Laboratory Science  Basic Laboratory Science

 Department of
  Biological Chemistry

 Medical Biochemistry
 Innovational Laboratory
 Laboratory of Pathology
 Microbiology and
 Infectious Diseases
 Applied Laboratory Science  Clinical Physiology and
 Ultrasound Labo
 Hematological and
  Infectious Diseases
 Laboratory of Oncology
  and Strategic Innovation
 Information Technology and 
  Medical Engineering

 Medical Imaging System

 Medical Devices for Diagnoses  Laboratory of Biophysics

 Laboratory of
 Information Systems

 Innovative Medical


Rehabilitation Sciences

 Physical Therapy  Motor Function Analysis

 Developmental Anatomy
 and Neuroscience

 Rehabilitation Science for
 Bone and Joint Disorders
 Development and  Rehabilitation of Motor Function  Laboratory of Clinical
 Locomotor Science
 Clinical Biomechanics
 Occupational Therapy  Clinical Cognitive Neuroscience  Physiology (Rehabilitation
  and Neuroscience)
 Developmental psychiatry
  (under construction)
 Occupational functioning
 and adaptation
 Brain Function and Rehabilitation  Occupational Therapy (Mental function)
 Rehabilitation of Developmental Disorders

Fusion Unit for Near Future Human Health Sciences

Innovation Unit for Near Future System and Technology  Community Health Care and Gerontology
 Clinical Image Data and Analysis (under construction)