Healthcare Economics and Quality Management


Yuichi Imanaka, MD., DrMedSc., Ph.D., MPH.,Professor


Research and Education


Our mission is to contribute to the improvement of the quality, efficiency and equity of health systems by means of research, development, education and relevant professional activities.

To solve problems and create real values in healthcare systems, we fully interact with practice and policy fields and innovatively apply multi- and inter-disciplinary fields of quantitative and qualitative sciences and technologies.

Research & Training Themes: 

Quality, Efficiency and Equity of health and long-term care in the super- aging society

  1. Measurement, Evaluation and Improvement
  2. Organizational Management
  3. Policy and System Analysis and Redesign
  4. Change Mechanism through Visualization, Sharing & Networking
  5. Database (“Big Data”)& Analytics for Health & Long-term Care
Targets include: cardiovascular, cerebrovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, emergency care, intensive care, palliative care, dementia, long-term care / safety, cost, risk management/ manpower and resource planning, regional system approach, reimbursement & financial systems, etc.

Welcome !

Medical/Health Professionals, Researchers, Administrators, Analytics / Informatics Experts are welcome, who have an strong interest in any of the above.


Recent Publications

  1. Lin H, Otsubo T, Imanaka Y. The effects of dementia and long-term care services on the deterioration of care-needs levels of the elderly in Japan. Medicine 2015;94(7):e525.
  2. Kobayashi D, Otsubo T, Imanaka Y. The effect of centralization of health care services on travel time and its equality. Health Policy 2015;119(3):298-306.
  3. Ukawa N, Tanaka M, Morishima T, Imanaka Y. Organizational culture affecting quality of care: guideline adherence in perioperative antibiotic use. International Journal for Quality in Health Care 2015 Feb;27(1):37-45.
  4. Sasaki N, Kunisawa S, Otsubo T, Ikai H, Fushimi K, Yasumura Y, Kimura T, Imanaka Y. The relationship between the number of cardiologists and clinical practice patterns in acute heart failure ― A cross-sectional observational study. BMJ Open 2014;4(12):e005988.
  5. Goto E, Lee J, Sasaki N, Imanaka Y. Factors affecting regional variations in hospitalization expenditures of elderly residents in Japan. Journal of Public Health 2014;22(4):361-370.

Healthcare Economics and Quality Management

Professor and Head: Yuichi Imanaka, MD, DrMedSc, PhD, MPH
Senior Lecturer: Noriko Sasaki, MD, PhD
Senior Lecturer: Susumu Kunisawa, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor : Tetsuya Otsubo, MEng, PhD
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