Public Health Nursing

Public health nursing is the area of nursing science that aims to reach the goal of public health by adapting the knowledge and skill of nursing. Public health nursing activities aim to improve the health of a community (as a whole) through organized community efforts. What are the activities with which we can achieve our aim through organized community efforts? I have considered this question and aim to expand the knowledge and skill of nursing that these activities require.

Research and Education

 My research focuses on group activities in which residents solve their own health problems and health problems in their community. These activities represent one method of achieving our aim through organized community efforts. In group activities involving residents diagnosed as either having diabetes or possibly having diabetes, and in group activities for retired men, we supported the development of groups that promote the health of not only individuals, but also their families and the community in general. We examined the relationship between group members’ self-care ability acquisition and their group participation, and identified factors related to the promotion of group activities. My current research focuses on the “place attachment” that stimulates these health promotion activities.
I aim to train public health nurses and other health care professionals that promote independent public health nursing activities and conduct research that contributes to improving the health of communities through organized community efforts.

①One scene of the health lecture to develop community  activity groups
②Path figures according to the self-rating subscales of diabetes self-care ability


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Lecturer:Hiroko Takizawa