Preventive Nursing

preventive ns_faceToshiki Katsura, R.N. ,R.P.H.N. , Ph.D. Professor
Preventive activities are dispensable to leading a life of high quality at all life-stage. Members of my laboratory study epidemiological research to elucidate factors promoting or deteriorating health and implement evidence-based preventive activities in community health and occupational health. In parallel with these activities we promote health policy with community participation according to community diagnosis. In my opinion my mission is to bridge research and activities in community. So I welcome to public health nurses who are independently doing research and activities in communities.

Research and Education

Prevention is the origin of public health nursing, so research and teaching of my laboratory are as follows. Graduate students are 2 public health nurses of doctoral course and 4 public health nurses of master course.

1) We study epidemiological studies to prevent such lifestyle-related diseases as metabolic syndrome in both public health and occupational health, and elucidate tools of planning, implementing, evaluating life-style intervention or preventive activities based on study results.

2) We study to promote successful aging for old-old elderly and elderly living alone in communities. And we study in combination with field and experimental studies to prevent bed-boundedness.

3)  We are doing health promotion and healthy town development for all generation in several communities as a social experiment, and are planning health policy participated by residents and are constructing social networking.

4) On the point of viewing that it’s important to compare research with practice we are teaching independent researchers and medical professionals by means of planning seminars or community intervention programs.
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①Characteristics in the fixation point and the visual search of an elderly faller in comparison with an elderly or a middle aged non-faller during descending stairs of a pedestrian bridge(T Katsura, N Miura, N Takahashi, S Hisamoto and A Hoshino )
②“Sukoyaka” health lectures aiming at successful aging are held to promote health of community residents about 6 times for a year in Kyoto


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