Psychiatric Nursing

Manami Amagai, RN, RPHN, PhD, Professor

We must consider the huge impacts on the human mind of culture and cultural history, individual life histories, and social environments. Psychiatric nursing and mental healthcare can be used to clarify the mechanisms of the mind that produce barriers to human relationships, developmental problems, and difficulties in living in ways that achieve self-realization. Our major research theme involves conducting joint trials of the provision of support to enable better mental health and social living. We also explore what we can do to help everyone live with better mental health.

Research and Education

We are in charge of psychiatric nursing and mental healthcare targeting mental problems across a wide range of human health sciences. In graduate school education we are in charge of psychiatric nursing theory, clinical practice, and practicums. In addition to psychiatric illnesses, our research examines phenomena that reflect modern society, such as suicide, bullying, post-traumatic stress disorder, social withdrawal, and abuse. We uses our clinical experience to conduct surveys and analyses of the care of the many people with mental difficulties and ways of dealing with them; We also investigates how these people can be supported to help them connect socially from a nursing perspective. Furthermore, we considers the effect of nursing as a change in human affect and are attempting to capture this in a study of brain activity using brain waves or NIRS (near-infrared spectroscopy) .

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Professor:Manami Amagai
Assistant Professor:Noriko Sugawara
Assistant Professor:Tomoko Yamanouchi

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