Clinical Physiology and Ultrasound Labo

Yasutomo Fujii, MD, PhD Professor

・ Laboratory science aims to establish and realize concepts and methods for extracting and analyzing various information from molecular and cellular levels to the organ level, for the purpose of elucidating structure and function of livings, clarifying etiology and pathophysiology of various diseases and establishing diagnosis and treatment of diseases. In this area, we focus on structural and functional analysis indispensable for diagnosis or treatment of diseases. Accordingly, we promote studies on new concept and technology on the basis of medicine, biology and information technology. We intend to encourage new talents who will act as a leader in the fields of education, research and clinical practice.

Research and Education

・ Our laboratory has some projects related with not only ultrasound tissue characterization: development of a novel diagnostic imaging modality using some acoustic parameters but also therapeutic application of ultrasound energy. Evaluation of functional disorders of the organs using extracorporeal ultrasound, whose non-invasiveness can make it possible to do it under physiological conditions, is one of our projects. Some clinical researches on new fields, such as diagnosis of gastrointestinal diseases, will be launched in Ultrasound Center of Kyoto University Hospital. Moreover, also is our challenge construction of a new system for contributing community health care, for example, an application of portable ultrasound equipments for the care of in-home patients, in corporation with researchers in other fields, such as engineering, nursing and rehabilitation.

Power Doppler sonogram of hepatoceller carcinoma

Power Doppler sonogram of
hepatoceller carcinoma

Processed image of the Surface of 10 yen coin (left) using acoustic impedance difference imaging

Processed image of the Surface of 10 yen coin (left) using acoustic impedance difference imaging


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Professor: Yasutomo Fujii

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