Stem Cell Differentiation

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Cardiovascular diseases are major causes of death in advanced nations, and are valuable targets of regenerative medicine. In our laboratory, with the use of a systematic cardiovascular cell differentiation system from pluripotent stem cells as a core experimental system, we are intensively performing integrative researches both for basic studies of cell differentiation and more applied studies for regenerative medicine.

Research and Education

We have been investigating cardiovascular cell differentiation and regeneration with a unique cardiovascular system using pluripotent stem cells. That is, we explored a systematic differentiation of endothelial cells, vascular mural cells, blood cells, and cardiomyocytes from common progenitor, Flk1+ mesoderm cells. This system is amenable to dissect each differentiation process sequentially even at the single cell level. We are extending this system from ES cells to iPS cells, and from mouse to human. Then, we are investigating basic mechanisms for cell differentiation and cardiovascular regeneration strategies mainly through cardiac cell therapy and drug discovery.


Enlargement of human iPS cell-derived cardiac cell sheets. With the use of 10cm-diameter culture dish (right), we succeeded in generating a cardiac cell sheet with approximately 3 cm diameter.


Lab members.

Recent Publications

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Stem Cell Differentiation

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