Field Medicine


Modern clinical (bed-side) medicine have much succeeded in the lifesaving of the patients with acute diseases. As the results now, aging population have developed not only developed countries but also developing countries. However, modern clinical medicine in the hospital cannot completely deal with community-dwelling frail elderly patients with several chronic conditions living in each different ecology and socio-economical situation. Field medicine is addressing the comprehensive geriatric issues of community-dwelling elderly in the world using comprehensive geriatric assessment through actual medical field works.

Research and Education

Working issues of our field medical teams are below.

(1) Comprehensive geriatric assessment and community-based intervention for the community-dwelling elderly in Japan.
Comprehensive geriatric assessment and community-based intervention for the community-dwelling elderly have been carried out in Tosa in Kochi and Life-in-Kyoto.
(2) Comprehensive geriatric assessment for the community-dwelling elderly in Asia.
Cross-sectional comprehensive geriatric assessment for the community-dwelling elderly have been carried out in Korea, West Java in Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Tailand and Myanmar. Healthcare design project for the elderly in Khalin in Bhutan and Dashe in Taiwan has been introduced.
(3) Medical research for nerurodegenerative diseases in West Papua.
We have carried out medical field research for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and Parkinson・Demantia complex in West Papua (Irianjaya) in Indonesia. We confirmed high prevalence in neurodegenerative diseases in the local area in Papua. Future continuing study is needed for etiological assessment.

r-106-1Photo(A):Examination of patients with a neurodegenerative disease by Dr. Okumiya and sunset in the village.
Photo(B): Introduction of community-based healthcare design in Khalin in Bhutan by Dr. Sakamoto and a distant view of village.

Recent Publications

1.Fukutomi E et al: Long-term care prevention in Japan. Lancet, 2013, 381:116.
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Field Medicine

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