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Kenji Kabashima, M.D., Ph.D btn

Research and Education

In our department, we have focused on skin immunology and allergy. We have made great achievements on the pathogenesis of the allergic skin diseases, especially atopic dermatitis, by in vivo imaging using two-photon microscopy and gene-targeted mice. Other research interests include pathogenesis of itch, elucidation of the significant role of regulatory T cells in the skin, and cancer immunology.
We consider that all basic researches should be evaluated in the perspective of clinical impacts, because we should give research profits back to clinical dermatology in the end. For graduate students, clinical motivation is mandatory to start basic research, which in turn broadens their capacity as physician-scientists.



Recent Publications

  1. Ruzicka T, Hanifin JM, Furue M, Pulka G, Mlynarczyk I, Wollenberg A, Galus R, Etoh T, Mihara R, Yoshida H1, Stewart J, Kabashima K; XCIMA Study Group. Anti-Interleukin-31 Receptor A Antibody for Atopic Dermatitis. N Engl J Med. 2017. Mar 2;376(9):826-835.
  2. Natsuaki Y, Egawa G, Nakamizo S, Ono S, Hanakawa S, Okada T, Kusuba N, Otsuka A, Kitoh A, Honda T, Nakajima S, Tsuchiya S, Sugimoto Y, Ishii KJ, Tsutsui H, Yagita H, Iwakura Y, Kubo M, Ng L, Hashimoto T, Fuentes J, Guttman-Yassky E, Miyachi Y, Kabashima K. 2014. Perivascular leukocyte clusters are essential for efficient activation of effector T cells in the skin. Nat Immunol 15: 1064-9
  3. Otsuka A, Doi H, Egawa G, Maekawa A, Fujita T, Nakamizo S, Nakashima C, Nakajima S, Watanabe T, Miyachi Y, Narumiya S, Kabashima K. 2014. Possible new therapeutic strategy to regulate atopic dermatitis through upregulating filaggrin expression. J Allergy Clin Immunol 133: 139-46 e1-10
  4. Nakashima C, Otsuka A, Kitoh A, Honda T, Egawa G, Nakajima S, Nakamizo S, Arita M, Kubo M, Miyachi Y, Kabashima K. 2014. Basophils regulate the recruitment of eosinophils in a murine model of irritant contact dermatitis. J Allergy Clin Immunol 134: 100-7
  5. Tomura M, Honda T, Tanizaki H, Otsuka A, Egawa G, Tokura Y, Waldmann H, Hori S, Cyster JG, Watanabe T, Miyachi Y, Kanagawa O, Kabashima K. 2010. Activated regulatory T cells are the  major T cell type emigrating from the skin during a cutaneous immune response in mice. J Clin Invest 120: 883-93


Professor : Kenji Kabashima
Junior Associate Professor  : Teruki Dainichi, Akihiko Kitoh, Tetsuya Honda
Assistant Professor : Gyohei Egawa, Saeko Nakajima, Yuichiro Endo, Yo Kaku, Rintaro Shibuya
Junior Associate Professor (Special Appointment) : Takashi Nomura
Associate Professor  (Special Appointment) : Atsushi Otsuka
TEL : +81-75-751-3310
FAX : +81-75-751-4949
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