Ideals and Objectives

Ideals and Objectives in the Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Medicine Kyoto University aims to foster gifted clinicians and medical professionals to work on the frontline of medical care and also to nurture the next generation of researchers and educators in the medical field.

At Faculty of Medicine Kyoto University, we aim instill our students with the following qualities:

  1. Intellectual originality that will enable a pro-active approach and provide new insight into the treatment of diseases rather than relying on existing methods.
  2. Insight and awareness of patients’ feelings and a broad understanding of society and human behavior.
  3. Good morals and a high degree of motivation to contribute to the health of society as a whole.
  4. A global perspective and the ability to be active internationally.

Ideals and Objectives in the Faculty of Human Health Science

Along with the advance and specialization of medical science and care, there is a growing expectation for the health science, which is a study to prevent diseases, maintain and promote good health, and support a high-quality life of living with diseases and disabilities. At the School of Human Health Science, Faculty of Medicine, Kyoto University, we have four departments, namely the Departments of Nursing, Medical Technology, Physical Therapy, and Occupational Therapy, to educate and foster medical staff with wide perspectives, advanced knowledge and skills, and rich humanity.
As the society is becoming more and more complicated, there is a demand to establish health science as a new academic area. To meet such social demands, we strive to produce specialists with inquiring mind, deep insight into people, high standard of ethics, who can effectively work on a global scale.