National Taiwan University & Kyoto University Symposium 2013 (Medicine Session) held at National Taiwan University (December 19-20, 2013)

The National Taiwan University & Kyoto University Symposium 2013 – Medicine Session was held at National Taiwan University (NTU) on December 19 – 20, 2013. About 100 members from both universities gathered over the two-day period of the symposium with the aim of raising the international presence of the institutions, widely communicating research achievements, and promoting international cooperative research.

The symposium represents part of Kyoto University’s efforts under its new international strategy, which was formulated in June 2013 to promote the further development of the university as a world-class institution of higher learning, and to consolidate its global position as a true leading university.

The first day of the Medicine session opened with address by Professor Nagahiro Minato, Dean of Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University. After the opening address, the parting scholars divided into two rooms for 6 sub-sessions including A. Immunology, B. Stem Cell Biology, C. Public health and Epidemiology, D. Imaging Technology and Application, E. Genomic Medicine and Cell Biology, F. Clinical Science, and engaged in the enthusiastic discussion on advanced research activities. Poster presentation by young researchers and graduate students from Kyoto University brought an fruitful discussion with NTU’s scholars.

The symposium concluded with closing remarks by Professor Shan-Chwen Chang, Dean of College of Medicine, National Taiwan University. After the closing, wrap-up meeting for the medicine session was organized to achieve the consent on future plans for collaboration research and young as well as students exchange programs. Plans are currently being made for a follow-up symposium to be held at Kyoto University in September 2014, inviting members from NTU.

Medicine Session:

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