Those who wish to apply, please confirm that you fulfill all the eligibility in the guideline, and email us your name, student ID number and your nationality as pre-application by the deadline of (1).
When we(medicine) get the slot of the recommendation, please submit the application materials to the Office of Student Affairs by the deadline of (2).
*we cannot accept the application materials without you are done the pre-application.
*Medicine’s recommendation rank is 8th in Kyoto University for this scholarship due to the rule of university recommendation. If there is an applicant from another graduate school, the higher rank grad school takes the priority. Refer: New Application Process for Private Scholarships

申請期限 Deadline

(1)事前申請期限: 2020年4月6日(月)
Pre-Application deadline:  April 6, 2020, Mon

2) 書類提出期限: 2020年4月15日(水)17:00厳守
Application documents deadline:  April 15, 2020, Wed, 17:00pm


募集概要 Application Abstract ※応募資格等の詳細は、募集要項をご確認ください。

Eligibility[Abstracted]: *for all the Eligibility details, please check the guideline.
・An international student enrolled in the first-year at a degree-seeking program at the Graduate School of Medicine, and live in Osaka Prefecture.
・Nationality: Southwest Asia, Southeast Asia, East Asian countries and regions

2.奨学金支給期間: 修士課程:課程修了までの最長2年、博士課程:課程修了までの最長3年
Duration of Stipend:   Master program: maximum 2 years, Doctoral program: Maximum 3 years

3.奨学金月額: 12万円
Monthly Stipend: 120,000 yen

4.大学推薦枠: 2名
医学研究科の推薦可能人数: 1名  ※多数の応募の場合は書類選考を実施します。
Allocated Slot to the University Recommendation is two, and possible to recommend from Medicine is one *document screening will be conducted.

Application Documents: please check the application guideline

留意事項: Note

*Please submit the “Declaration of Understanding and Agreement” with another application documents.
*Recommendation letter must be written by your supervising professor.
*the university’s candidates must have the Foundation’s interview in Osaka on May 18, 2020.
*Recipient must attend the Foundation’s ceremony&orientation on June 30、2020、and join the training trip from Sep 2 to Sep 3, 2020.
*All documents are required Japanese handwriting.

01 募集要項 Application Guideline
02 申請書 Application form
03 奨学金申請に係る同意書 Declaration of Understanding and Agreement
04 推薦書・同意書 Recommendation letter・Agreement 


京都大学大学院医学研究科教務課 ※C棟1F に移転しました。
Office of Student Affairs
Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University
email: kyoumu-in [at] mail2.adm.kyoto-u.ac.jp   *pleaes chenge [at] to [@]