[Scholarship] 2020年度本庄国際奨学財団外国人留学生(秋採用)奨学金の募集について (直接応募)

Those who wish to apply, please check the Foundation’s homepage below and submit application materials directly to the Foundation.

募集概要 Application Abstract

Eligibility[Abstracted]: An international student enrolled(will) in a degree-seeking program of the Graduate School of Medicine as of October 2020. Please check the guideline for other details of eligibility. ※ Those whose enrollment period is shorter than one year is not eligible to apply.

2.奨学金支給期間: 2020年秋~学位取得までの最短年限に当たる期間
Duration of Scholarship: from 2020 Autumn to the shortest period of time required to complete the intended degree.

3.奨学金月額:15万~20万、 詳しくは募集要項にて確認ください
Monthly Stipend: Approximately 150,000 yen up to 200,000yen  please check the guideline for details

4.募集人数: 若干名
Number of Scholarship Available:  a few people

Application Documents: please check the application guideline

6. 募集期間:  2020年4月1日~ 4月30日
Application Period: from April 1 to April 30, 2020


Application guidelines and Application form, please download at the Foundation’s homepage below.

財団ホームページ  Honjo International Scholarship Foundation
日本語: https://www.hisf.or.jp/scholarship/foreigner/